Parents - Our most treasured asset.

We are extremely proud of our parent community here at Prudence International. The fact that we continue to be regarded as one the best international school in Mumbai is a testimony to that. Yes, we are very proud of our highly qualified and gifted teachers, but the exceptional achievements of our children are the result of the on-going collaboration between our teaching staff and our parents. It is this shared effort and commitment that gets our children into the world’s most prestigious Higher Education institutions.

At home We are grateful to our parents for all their hard work ‘behind the scenes’. Reading at home is one of the most significant factors in determining a child’s success at school. Spending a bit of time doing homework together also provides unique opportunities for more intimate bonding between parents and children. Children need to know that the significant adults in their life care about their progress and difficulties. They also need to see parents as life-long learners, not ashamed to acknowledge when they don’t have a ready answer to a question. From our experience, ambitious parents who look for IGCSE schools in Mumbai are very much in support of this philosophy and teaching approach (where learning is fluid and flexible and is something that unites people of all ages).

We always try to share the learning aims and objectives with the parents to ensure that homework support is more effective. We want our parents to know what to look out for when working on a specific assignment. We try to design homework tasks in such a way that they encourage families to explore and share ideas together. Some of the assignments include interviews with family members and/or are linked to real life situations where children, their parents and grandparents can brainstorm ideas, discuss problems and look for solutions together.

At school Our doors are always open to parents. They are welcome to pop in for an informal visit. We particularly encourage families to attend school functions, celebrations and festivals. We are infinitely grateful to those who can also donate some of their time to volunteer at school. We are open to incorporating any and every interest/hobby of any one of our parents if they are keen to come and lead an after-school club or share their knowledge and expertise in other ways. We are always keen to recruit more people for our Parent Teacher Association so that parents have a stronger voice in how the school is run. We are incredibly lucky to have a very diverse parent community and would like to see it drive the school forward in more than one way.

Communication We try to keep it flowing and encourage parents to visit our school page, ‘like’ and comment on our posts on Facebook and familiarise themselves with the latest school events and initiatives trough newsletters and other correspondence from us. Some of our parents choose Prudence International because they believe it to be the best residential school in Mumbai. As a school, we are aware of the challenges that come with residential schooling. Where children spend a lot of time away from home, parents may sometimes feel excluded from their children’s education. We try to use every means of communication to help families to stay connected to their child’s life at school even when parents are too busy to participate in the events in person.

The school blog is part of our commitment to improved communication between school and our families. We want to hear back from our parents and always welcome phone calls, emails and comments on social media. We would like to see more parents visit us as guest speakers to support the learning in certain areas of the curriculum. We would love to hear from parents from all walks of life. We are particularly interested in learning from parents who are passionate about and are somehow involved in the green economy/living and/or can teach us about the democratic process, globalization and/or any area of STEAM education (science, technology, engineering, arts, maths).

We tend to devote a lot of attention to STEAM here at Prudence International. However, our main passion is learning and discovery, whatever form or shape it may take. We would appreciate a talk/presentation/workshop on any and every theme or topic as long as it can inform and inspire our learners. Please, do get in touch to discuss how you could help us drive learning and teaching forward here at Prudence International.